Tom Wolfe & Yan Skates


Chef Tom Wolfe caters for icons like Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Stella McCartney, taking his unique culinary concepts all over the world.

Merging food with performance art and product design he is often invited to art direct, exhibit, cook and style for luxury brands, such as Dom Perignon, HUAWEI and Roberto Cavalli.

Having studied Fine Art at Parsons and Culinary Arts at the French Culinary Institute in New York, Chef Tom Wolfe carved out a unique role as a caterer and food artist. Having exhibited and performed for bluechip clients around the world, his current focus is on creating spectacular edible installations at exhibitions and events combining aesthetic and sensory experience.

Recently winning the #2 position in Architectural Digest for innovative Food Design Wolfe's most popular services include: Food Fashion Shows, edible landscapes, Modernist afternoon tea, Inside the Cake and live interactive chocolate performances.

Danish born Yan started the London based Bespoke Flowers in 1999.

Having set up a fine art studio in Spitalfields market, a chance meeting led to setting up a flower stall in the thriving Spitalfields Sunday Market. In the late 90’s this was the regular meeting point of the vibrant Young British Artist Scene with customers including Gavin Turk, Patrick Hughes, The Chapman Brothers, Tracey Emin and Gilbert & George amongst many others. All of which appreciated Yan’s rather avant-garde take on a floral bouquet.

When the artist studios in Spitalfields Market were closed down, Yan was offered a shop lease instead and started Bespoke – the shop – with fellow Dane Charlotte Larsen and her fine jewellery. The shop had a soundtrack of Britpop and drilling from Charlotte’s workbench.

An opportunity to work on the opening party for The Lion King in the West End led to an introduction to the events industry and the beginning of a love affair with event and party design. Yan has worked in more than 200 venues in London and every year new ones are added to this list.

Realising that events was his calling, Yan sold the shop to fully concentrate on Bespoke design all over London. Bespoke Flowers were born, and several regular contracts were established including several upstart hotel projects. The client list includes everything from Royals, to fashion brands to Charity Fund raising balls and visual merchandising.

In 2006 a visit to a flower arranging show with his grandmother opened Yan’s eyes to competitive floristry and a very engaged period ensued with several prizes including a Chelsea Gold Medal, A 1st prize at Hampton Court Flower Show and a 1st prize at The Nationals. Yan still competes in flower shows.

Around 2013 Yan noticed that flowers had become a huge influence on the fashion industry. Since then Yan has been involved in many London Fashion Weeks shows, done numerous editorials and other magazine projects along with music video set designs with a wide variety of photographers and artists.

Yan is always looking for new and exciting ventures and projects.

Yan is currently enjoying global success with his hit NETFLIX tv show The Big Flower Fight, which started showing from 18 May 2020. It is a contest in the style of The Great British Bake Off and The Great British Sewing Bee but with the craft of floral design instead of baking or sewing.

The presenters are Natasia Demetriou and Vic Reeves and the expert judges include Kristen Griffith-Vanderyacht as well a different guest judge for every episode.



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Tuesday 11th August 20

Tom Wolfe & Yan Skates

  • Blackberry Cupcakes with edible flowers
  • 19:30